What Is Giclée Print?

The word Giclée (pronounced “GEE-clay” with a soft “g”) is a French word which is said to roughly mean “to spray” or “to squirt”.  In the context of art prints, it refers to a fine art reproduction process commonly used to produce works with very high quality results, and these are not passed off as original works of art.  Archival quality substrates and pigment-based inks are used in this process, which is why Giclées have been known to last well over 100 years before beginning to fade.  When compared side by side with a lithograph, a Giclée reproduction will stand out in high resolution, clarity, and deep color saturation.  The quality of these prints rival traditional photographic silver-halide and gelatin printing processes as well as lithographic reproductions.  Precision printing along with depth of color range captures the fine detail of the original painting whether it’s oil, acrylic or watercolor.  These prints are widely acceptable to many prominent artists as well as accepted by many galleries and museums worldwide.

The current editions of Giclée prints available of my original painting are“The Phoenix” (18 X 24) and "The Initiate" (16 x 20),  is printed on archival quality fine art white watercolor paper using the finest quality archival inks.  These prints are very close to my original work of art. and are a limited edition run of 100 that are hand-numbered and signed by myself.  The prints are unframed and ready for matting and are shipped in cardboard mailing tubes to assure their safe arrival.  Also, see Purchase Info for future availability of other prints.  They will be priced and sized as they become available. 

L. M. Rogers

WakingMynd Art