About the Artist:

I am a self-taught freelance artist currently living in Columbia, South Carolina. Native born in South Mississippi, I remember painting alongside my grandmother, Mabel G. Hust, who was a locally well-known artist in the Hattiesburg area. Although I did not follow in her footsteps in style or subject, she still encouraged and inspired me to develop my own artistic vision.

I find myself deeply inspired and influenced by the works of such artists as Zdzizlaw Beksinski, Remedios Varo, Rosaleen Norton, and Salvador Dali. I’ve worked primarily in oils from 1999 to 2006 in a style akin to Surrealism with a strong focus on Symbolism.  Since 2008, I've found my niche working in acrylics with clay-on-canvas keeping with the same style.  Working in this mixed media has opened up a whole new creative world for me as this is something very new and fresh!  Taking part in the creative process of making art rewards me with a sense of great fulfillment and accomplishment.

I’ve displayed and sold several of my original paintings in the Columbia area.  As a result, I have had several commission offers.  I plan to have Giclée prints done of some of my originals that I still own or to which I have access, and these will be available for sale here.
Public Displays:

Artsy Fartsy Cafe
Cayce, SC

Greater South Agency, Inc.
Columbia, SC

Belladonna Gifts
Columbia, SC
Published Works:
Pentacle Magazine featured  "The Initiate" and "Self Portrait on the Astral" in an article entitled Liber Noctis (pgs 20 & 21); Issue 21, Beltane Summer 2007
L. M. Rogers