Giclée prints will made of some of my remaining original artwork that I own or to which I still have access.  I have the permissions from my past clients to allow me to make prints from the original works they have purchased from me.  The first run of prints are now available of the original, "The Phoenix" and "The Initiate"!  These prints are now for sale on this site via PayPal. 

Below are the list of paintings on this site that are available for prints:

The Phoenix:

Unmatted, 18 X 24 = $ 125 + shipping and handling

The Initiate
Unmatted, 16 X 20 = $100 + shipping and handling

To See Beyond


Green Goddess

Window with an Ocean View

Please contact me via email at [email protected] to let me know of any particular pieces and preferred sizes you are interested in for Giclée prints, and I will get something worked out.  

Thank you very much for your visit.

L. M. Rogers
WakingMynd Art