To dream is to awaken to the world of imagination that never sleeps. Beneath the flesh of the mind, our dreams incubate in forms of symbols and archetypal imagery. As we penetrate the realm of imagination, we stand at the threshold of infinite possibilities. When I paint, I feel Ive followed a path to a wide-open field of raw potential and endless possibilities as far as the inner eye can see. As artists, we plant these seeds of imagery to incubate in our minds where they will later flourish into visionary works of art. We hold the key to the mystery of the mind and soul within the imagination and dreamscapes. Thus, it is my belief that art functions as a communicable bridge between the inner and outer worlds the conscious and the subconscious. 

 Much of my work portrays a collection of visionary ideas in a symbolic and surrealist-type composition. The subject matter reflects an ongoing theme for the need of a better understanding of our awakening minds. It expresses the complex human need to reach beyond the boundaries of illusion and limitation by getting in touch with our own creativity.  Inspired through dreams, meditation, myth and symbolism, I piece together works of art with intentions of inspiring the viewer on many levels to discover their own creativity. There is a very strong sense of power in the act of materializing an inner vision onto a physical space. This feeling is what motivates and inspires me not only to continue to paint, but to have a deep appreciation and respect for the creative process itself.

 My goal as an artist is to aid in this creative awakening.  I believe it is my responsibility as an artist to challenge my limitations by exploring my full creative potential. With my art as a vessel, it is my sole purpose to give life to inspiring images of spiritual contemplation. In the wake of war and destruction now, more than ever, is the time for a creative awakening for humanity.


L. M. Rogers